About Us


We are a professionals who specialize in alternative and traditional therapies.  We deeply value our health (mental, physical, and spiritual) and aim to live a life that is consistent with that value.  Whether it is spending our weekends immersed in nature (e.g., going to the beach, hiking, camping, backpacking), eating a diet that is healthy for our own individual needs, soaking up sunlight, engaging in mindfulness practices, or being physically active we truly put forth effort to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  As professionals in mental wellness it is in our nature to research ways to optimize how we feel.  We are constantly seeking out evidence supported practices to improve our health and we want to share this information with our clients to help them improve their lives.  One thing about feeling good is that it really makes you want to help others feel as good as you do.  Based upon our research, training, and experience we have put together a holistic treatment program to help you improve how you look and feel, increase your energy, and restore your vitality and joy for life.    

Meet Our Team

Sean Mitchell
Executive Director

Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Meditation Guide (eastern, western contemplative or secular).  Currently in training for certification in functional diagnostic nutrition.

Brian Bryce
Director of Energetic TherapiesBrian Bryce - QiGong Instructor


Certified Qigong Instructor, Reiki Healer, Meditation Instructor, Shamanic Guide. Currently working towards a degree in Herbology

Dr. Cindy Mitchell
Consulting Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, California (PSY27392)
Certification in Nutritional Psychologist (in progress)
Certified in EcoPsychology
Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming