Cleanse Day 10

We are on day 10 of our cleanse. Day 7 was awesome. I had so much energy and mental clarity.  Day 8 started out great, but took a swift nose dive in the afternoon. I was super grumpy when I got home.  Yesterday my mood was greatly improved, but I had some serious brain fog and was really tired.  Took a great nap at lunch.  Today wasn’t too much. Had a lot of mental focus most of the day, but feel a little tired tonight. I have done a great job keeping up with my workouts. Check out our YouTube channel to check out some of my favorite fasting workouts.

Been incorporating some beautiful beet juices into our rotation the past couple of days. Pineapple goes really good with beets.

Tomorrow is my last day of juice and broth before doing 3 days of water fasting. I will do a day of juice and broth coming off of the water fast and then will slowly start adding solid food. Getting close to the end. I love how light I feel when fasting. It is such a spiritual cleansing and the ability to distinguish bodily sensations is amazing.

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