Cleanse Day 2

I am not going to lie. Today I am not feeling it. Hubby says he is feeling pretty good. I, on the other hand am tired and have a mild headache and am cold. The joy’s of day 2. Day 3 for me is usually only a little better, but I should be good to go by day 4. I did get a workout in this morning, but had to take a nap this afternoon. I had my green juice this morning and it was pretty yummy. Had my bone broth for lunch. We made sunshine juice for dinner. I added a little ice and mineral water to change it up a little. We made a juice with beets for tomorrow’s breakfast. Love the dark red color

While the hubby and I drank juice for dinner, this is what the kids had:

This can be one of the most difficult parts of fasting with kids. They still have to eat food and it smells so good. The ribeye looks really yummy, but I am resolved to see this fast through.

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