Zenergistic Pathway: Retooling the Human Experience

Available January 2020 . . .

Our NEW online coaching workbook, Zenergistic Pathway:  Retooling the Human Experience, provides you with all the information that you need to develop your own individualized plan to transform your life and achieve optimal well-being.  Tapping into the core elements of the integrative approach to health and well-being, this workbook will walk you through exercises to help you find balance in mind, body, and spirit unlocking the keys to a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life.  

Your journey will begin with a series of activities to help you harness positive energy, including identifying your strengths, developing gratitude, and identifying what you want your life to look like.  This helps you identify your what, where, and why.  What is it that I want to get out of this program?  Where do I want to go?  Why am I doing this?  These are important factors in helping you develop the motivation to stick with this program.  

Once you understand your what, where, and why you will learn how to restore the balance necessary to move you towards the life you want.  You will learn to restore balance to your mind by learning mindfulness skills and therapeutic practices aimed at assisting you in regulating your thoughts, emotions, and actions.  You will learn to restore balance to your body by learning how to optimize your nutrition and harness to energy of movement.  Finally, you will learn to restore balance to your spirit by connecting with nature and developing a daily spiritual practice.  All of the skills you learn in this book will overlap with and build upon each other in a way that allows you clarity of thought, strength of body, and awareness of spirit.  We hope you enjoy the journey.

To pre-order your copy today, contact us at zenertree@gmail.com.  If you order before December 31, 2019 you can receive this workbook for the discounted price of $29.99.  After December 31, 2019 the price will go up to $39.99.  Workbooks will be available for download January 2020.